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Brendan and I have worked together on several projects. Brendan and I share the philosophy that, "simple is better." Many people don't understand this concept. Brendan gets it. As a result we get more done. He is very easy going and a real pleasure to work with. He is very bright and creative. I enjoy partnering with Brendan.”

Roy Snell, CEO,
Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics

Charting your course

Illawong group is a professional firm that provides a range of services designed to bring you closer to your audience and customers. With decades of experience spanning capital markets, governance, finance, and media, we get to the core of your needs and will work with you to effectively tell your story.

Take control of your message and drive the narrative. Don’t be a passenger. Your reputation is your most important asset and Illawong Group will ensure you are at the helm of your industry through our unique access to leading technology, governance, design and writing experts. More about us >